EST 1892

Entirely hand carved

Trademark for wood sculptures exclusively and entirely hand carved

All our wooden sculptures are entirely hand carved and bear therefore the trade mark explained in this page.

This trademark, introduced by the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano in 1969,
is used for wood sculptures that are exclusively and entirely handmade.

Each artwork is assigned a small round plate bearing a registered symbol,
together with a certificate guaranteeing that it was entirely hand carved.

Once a rough-hewn carving is ready, the trademark with the inscription ”ENTIRELY HAND CARVED”
is applied on the sculpture by an expert from the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano.

As soon as the artwork is finished, the expert performs a thorough assessment and then issues the final certificate.

This certificate is an official document issued by the Chamber of Commerce.
It is progressively numbered and provides all the relevant details to unequivocally identify each artwork.

The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano guarantees that all wood carvings featuring this trademark
and the certificate are entirely hand carved.

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