Statues and monuments

in Bronze and Marble

Ars sacra from South Tyrol

For outdoor statues we recommend bronze or marble. They are weather-resistant and last for centuries.

Bronze casting began in the second or first century BC. The first known work was a ballerina from Mohenjo-Daro in India. But the works of Greek masters such as Prixitele or Lysippus are certainly best known to us. Mention should also be made of the famous bronzes found in Riace in Calabria which were created 2500 years ago, and despite having been recovered from the sea, are in remarkably good condition. Then, in more recent times, you can look to Donatello’s masterpieces or even the countless monuments located in numerous Italian squares.


Marble works are also exceptionally durable, just recall Michelangelo’s David. An adequate choice of marble is also necessary, since not all stones are suitable for outdoor placement.


In Val Gardena and Ortisei we have a long tradition of creating bronze works. These are first molded in plasticine or clay and then taken to the foundry that melts bronze with the lost-wax casting technique. Today, with modern techniques, bronze statues can also be melted from wooden statues with silicone or gelatin negatives.


Are you planning a bronze work for your garden, your square or the cloister of a monastery? Your project with us is in the right hands, in expert hands.

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