Sacred Art

Sculptures and Sacred Art

Ars sacra of Ortisei

If you are looking for artistic sculptures never made before, or want to realize a challenging artistic project, in Mussner G. Vincenzo you will find the right studio. We bring your ideas and design to life, and make your unique statues, sculptures or paintings in wood or other media such as bronze or marble.


Sculpting wood by tradition? Not in our case. Sculpture is our passion, and everything revolves around our sculptures. Since sculpture has been part of life in Ortisei for 450 years, tradition is intertwined with everyday life. Old techniques have been passed down from father to son for generations and developed with the newest innovative and modern methods and materials. At Mussner G.Vincenzo, we merge this rich tradition with the contemporary, looking towards the future.


No matter the style of your church, baroque or gothic, the pieces we create for you are always contemporary yet fit perfectly in your church, despite the different style. Whether you are a priest, architect or even a private buyer, you will find what you are looking for: works of art executed to perfection with great care.


None of your projects will be too big or too small: on the contrary, your projects motivate us to realize your vision by giving it our best. Do you have an idea that has been nagging at you for some time? Contact us. From the first sketch, to the complete design, from the clay model to the finished work, you will have everything executed professionally by a team of artisans and experienced craftsmen.

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