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Handicrafts from Val Gardena in South Tyrol

The Church has always been one of the most important patrons of artists and artisans. The most incredible works were created for the Church, like the works of Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo, the Della Robbia and many others. Architects, sculptors, painters and engineers gave their best to the service of the Church.


In the constitution on Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council., chapter VI, 122 mentions sacred art: ” Among the noblest activities of human ingenuity are, in their own right, the fine arts, especially religious art and its summit, sacred art. They, by their nature, have a relationship with the infinite divine beauty that must be expressed in some way by the works of man, and are all the more oriented to God and to the increase of his praise and glory, since no other purpose has been assigned to them than to contribute as effectively as possible, through their works, to religiously directing the minds of men to God. For these reasons, the holy mother Church has always favored the fine arts, and has always sought their noble service, especially to ensure that things belonging to sacred worship really shone for dignity, decorum and beauty, to signify and symbolize supernatural realities; and she herself has trained artists…”

It continues in point 124: “In promoting and favouring an authentic sacred art, ordinary people seek rather a noble beauty than a mere sumptuousness. May the bishops take every care to remove from the house of God and other sacred places those works of art, which are contrary to faith, customs and Christian piety; that offend the genuine religious sense, either because they are depraved in form, or because they are insufficient, mediocre or false in artistic expression.”


For these reasons and also for our personal ideal we at Mussner G. Vincenzo try to create for each church artistic works, worthy of the sacred place that they are to adorn. Creations with poor materials or mass production are not part of our DNA.


Statues for churches are works of art that must be carefully crafted by the artist. Of course, this requires adequate processing time and great craftsmanship and artistic preparation, which goes together with the use of modern techniques and materials.

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